1. Introduction

Purchasing in the construction industries is crucial to completion of the construction projects. The basic supply strategies, procurement tools, and buying techniques that are effective in the construction industries should be put to good use by purchasing professionals with extensive experiences in the construction fields.

As in all other industries, purchasing pros in the construction industries stand in a unique position to contribute to company profitability. Mission of the purchasing professionals is to help the company provide maximum value of the project, while also turning a profit. This means getting the best price possible for the construction building materials, thereby helping the company become the low-cost contractor in the construction market.

Today’s purchasing professionals in the construction industries must have a variety of skills to maximize his or her contribution. Technical know-how, economic understanding, financial experience, etc shall help the project become a low bid project. Tomorrow’s successful purchasing pros will be a strategic supply manager for the project goal, not just a processor of transactions.

We are the world’s leading distributor of the building construction materials in civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection fields. Our knowledgeable sales representatives, nationwide distribution routes, and integration of new technology make us the chosen supplier to all types of construction projects including residential and commercial buildings, schools and universities, government institutions, harbor and airports, roadways and subways, high-rise buildings, military buildings and facilities, and etc.

Our sales team members are highly trained individuals who have a working knowledge of all of the building construction products and processes. Our team members have gained this knowledge from “hands-on” experience from working in our internal operations with extensive experiences of architectural and engineering fields. We conduct frequent training classes for our team members to keep them current on the latest products and processes for the construction industries.

2. Qualification

The scope of modern international construction with its great diversity of  specifications and national standards, together with the constantly fluctuating prices of materials in various countries, requires that an effective engineering sales organization must be international in scope.

For these reasons, GMI maintains  a full service activity centered in the United States, as well as a worldwide extensive network of the affiliate offices and representatives in Korea and Guam. This enables our customers to benefit from our ability to provide competitively priced materials that can meet any international specifications with materials from countries and locations that best suit the project requirements.

Fast Services:

Our competent staff assures the each order is processed and shipped quickly.

Materials are received and consolidated into an ocean shipping containers in our warehouses.  Monthly reports that detail the status of each item enable our expediters to handle any problem promptly.

Competitive Pricing:

We are a single source supplier that distributes the products of nearly every major manufactures of civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, telecommunication and electrical materials, and equipment.

Because we are constantly purchasing large quantities of materials, we have developed a close working relationship with our manufacturers, which amount to the very best prices for our customers.

Procurement Experiences:

We maintain a staff of highly qualified engineers and architects who are specialists in their particular areas.  They carefully review project specifications and inquiries, and select materials that will meet the contract requirements.  We have extensive experience in U.S. military (U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers) constructions, which impose unique requirements upon manufactures and contractors.  Therefore, our extensive experience with approval procedures has been acquired through years of procurement for the military projects, ensuring the materials supplied for the project will meet with the specifications as required.